Found in the World: More Than One Thing

“It was only when I embraced these multifaceted sides of myself, that I found forward momentum that was authentic to me – that is when my career began to take shape” 

                                                                                                                          -Athena Calderone

Much of my internal dialogue is spent painting a caricature of this woman who is “non-committal,” “indecisive,” or “not enough” of any particular discipline. In short: I’ve spent way too much time critiquing my overabundance of passions as a flaw. Does this resonate with you?

One commute to work triggered a shift in my approach to what I now know as a multi-hyphenate lifestyle, and I know I can’t be the only one – pop in a pair of earbuds for this podcast edition of Found in the World on More Than One Thing with Athena Calderone

What I found out all about

More Than One Thing was a Keely recommendation. I’m not typically listening to podcasts of the “inspirational” tag in my day-to-day rotation (does anyone else listen to true crime pods at work, quietly hoping no one overhears the gruesome—but fascinating—details?). One of the many things this experience has taught me is to branch out. You never know what will end up changing your perspective in the most positive of ways. 

Host Athena Calderone spends roughly an hour each episode uncovering the fabulous imperfection of icons in aesthetics, entertainment, and the areas happily traversed between. Media has this way of presenting the perfect result of much mistake-making and hard work behind the scenes. Athena’s guests are eager to discuss hiccups in managing the non-traditional, and seemingly taboo, lifestyle of a multi-hyphenate; the multi-hyphenate title is earned by those who dare to be an MUE-Freelance Blogger-Social Media Consultant-Office Maestro, like myself. Insert your own hyphens! 

Favorite found episode – Hannah Bronfman

Each episode is simply titled with the guest’s name. Episode 4 of the podcast, which features DJ-Wellness Guru-Media Personality-Author…the list does go on…Hannah Bronfman tackles some big ideas like the importance of self-confidence and self care in the context of a career. 

Hannah’s story spoke to me because of her specific disciplines. She successfully managed careers in music and beauty, while I’ve lived a life with constant insecurity about following those passions. Listening to these successful women discussing their journeys broke through my self-doubt with the realization that you can apply those passions to real careers. From working with Nars to DJing until 4AM, she really has run the gamut of my dreams. Even if it took a fake assistant to get there. 

Found conclusions

More Than One Thing touches the facets of our own hidden-talent-diamonds. Episode 1 is an honest conversation between Athena and her fellow multi-hyphenate/best friend Tali Magal about the fears and fulfillment of loving so many different trades. At one point, they discuss two types of people: hammers, who spend their whole lives driving at one discipline they are voraciously passionate about; and hummingbirds, whose lives are spent dipping their beaks into many areas without rest. I am certainly a proud hummingbird. 

Are you a hammer, or a hummingbird? Drop your favorite episode in the comments and let us know! If you’re craving another find, check out our last Found in the World about on DAISY LONDON for some bling. 

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