Found in the World: Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Monday

It’s easy to think flawless makeup looks you see on IG don’t take very much time and effort. I don’t blame people for that impression, because good makeup is presented with a certain finesse and confidence that makes it look effortless. 

Those holding a brush on the other side of a screen know this isn’t the case. 

The concealing, contouring, and brow sculpting that creates a perfect canvas for bold eye looks alone can take me up to an hour (I won’t even mention how long the eye itself takes). My favorite thing to do is “get ready” with other MUEs on Youtube by watching a tutorial. You can imagine, as a true crime lover, how delighted I was when discovering Bailey Sarian’s channel for this Found in the World: Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Monday edition! 

What I found out all about

I really don’t YT other than for makeup tutorials and influencer drama. I discovered Bailey’s channel on Facebook Watch over lunch one day, and before I knew it, an hour had passed. 

The LA-based MUA started her channel doing tutorials with a conversational charm. Her channel is still mostly tutorial-based, but she does a true crime or “mysterious” episode to unload whichever story is weighing on her noggin every Monday. Much like my podcast preference, I’m drawn in by how approachable and relaxed her delivery is. She is taking on serious subject matter (mostly, anyway, which you’ll understand when I break down my favorite episode). But she talks about it in a human way that I find both comforting and riveting. 

The best part? Her looks are amazing, and she’s not pretentious about it. Bailey is delivering content that draws you in—then, all of the sudden, she has a dramatic smokey eye with fiery orange undertones going like in “Cam Girl Obsession Turns Deadly [ The Amato Case].” Also, super jealous of how much room that brow shape gives her to play on the lid. 

Favorite found episode – Denver International Airport

The exact title of this episode is “*Conspiracy Blucifer the veiny horse is low key demonic,” anyone else chuckle at that? Bailey covers the history of an ever-elusive Denver airport. 

Seemingly constructed for no practical purpose as there was already a fully-functioning one in the area, Denver International Airport is a playground for conspiracy theorists. For whatever reason, there are apocalyptic murals; Blucifer the blue (and very veiny) horse sculpture with glowing eyes; and 470,000 square feet of underground corridors used only for “transportation.” From gargoyles to artist-killing sculptures, she covers her favorite conspiracy while serving an electric Blucifer-inspired look. 

Found conclusions

Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Mondays with Bailey Sarian are great for anyone who wants a true crime or mystery fix while glamming. Her delivery feels like you’re chatting with a friend with the same weird interests you have. The looks she creates while reporting each story are also great inspiration for your own! 

Does anyone have good Youtube finds to fill my hours spent at the vanity? Let us know your Found in the World down below.

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