Found in the World: Valeria Lipovetsky’s Instagram Lives

Like many, I am constantly on the hunt for new people to fill my Instagram feed with to help inspire my ever-growing love of all things fashion, beauty, and travel.

That’s why finding mega-influencer Valeria Lipovetsky was such a breath of fresh air.

If you, too, are looking for some style inspo, book, food, and travel recommendations, and/or self-love tips, keep scrolling for this installment of Found in the World: Valeria Lipovetsky’s Instagram Lives!

What I found out all about

As a content creator myself, nothing motivates me more than discovering someone who is KILLING the social media game. And while I’ve only been following Valeria for a little while, she is someone who has clearly mastered the art of a content strategy, regardless of “the times.”

Ever since the dawn of COVID-19, everyone – including influencers – have found themselves adapting to a “new normal.” Some have been successful, while others have fallen victim to COVID-19’s death trap. Within the influencer space, Valeria, in particular, found a way to make the most of a less-than-ideal-situation in the height of lockdown by creating a full schedule of weekly Instagram Lives with different industry experts, fitness gurus, celebrities, models, you name it. What I continue to enjoy most about these lives (although they are less frequent) are the takeaways; whether she’s discussing tips on how to read faster, ways to find personal style, or gracing us with a killer roasted cauliflower grilled cheese recipe, Valeria covers it all.

Favorite found episode

Perhaps the most niche of them all, my favorite episode has to be the one with Ashleigh Norris for a discussion on intermittent fasting and how it relates to our cycles. Never did I think the two had any direct correlation, but, boy, was I wrong! I found the conversation incredibly fascinating and appreciated the abundant knowledge Ashleigh has on the subject matter.

Found conclusions

Overall, Valeria is worth a follow if you’re on a journey of self-evolution, or if you’re simply looking for someone with great content. Keep it up, Valeria!

Click here to for some of our favorites by Valeria’s lifestyle brand, leia by Valeria Lipovetsky.

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