Let’s Talk Pajamas – with Style

We’ve all found ourselves a bit more at home than we expected over the past month. Resultantly, it appears that pajamas are the new wardrobe staple this spring. Make no mistake; PJs don’t have to be frumpy. Your sleepwear can be comfy and stylish. Let’s talk pajamas and brands to show you what we mean:

1.  Bandier’s Joggers

Joggers are a versatile garment in that you can throw them on for a casual day out, or lounge around the house and take a nap in them. We’ve talked about Bandier before. Their items are built for a luxury experience of comfort and simplicity; paired with the high quality of material, this brand is a great option for high-end PJs. We are living for these joggers  in a very on-trend blue for spring 2020. 

2. Sleeper’s Party PJs

This set is so cute it would almost be a shame to sleep inbut you totally could. In true Sleeper fashion, this sleepwear is clean and understated with a fun pop. I mean, the brand was built to serve stylish pajamas in 2014, based off of a dream one founder had Christmas night about standing in the middle of a PJ factory. They’ve expanded their repertoire quite a bit since. Nonetheless, you can still see the love for Sleeper’s roots in that set (and beyond). 

3. Zara’s PJ Top

Let’s talk daywear. We love Zara for their luxury clothing at not-so-luxury prices. Naturally, we harbor the same sentiment about their loungewear and PJs. This funky zebra-esque pajama top and its pant counterpart are currently in my cart. The set will have you chic in your sleep, but the top alone paired with high-waisted jeans has you covered for that video conference while you’re working from home. 

4. Lou & Grey’s Loungewear

Nothing says cool and casual like this relaxed hoodie/sweatpant lounge set. With the buttery texture of Lou & Grey’s Signaturesoft collection, waking up from a great night’s sleep and rolling out of bed for Sunday errands is no sweat. The set mentioned above is in my cart. I’m loving the teal vibe; have I mentioned colors for spring 2020? 

5. Nasty Gal’s Lounge Set

NG never fails to serve great buildable basics. Wardrobe basics are a cornerstone of developing personal style, and the brand hasn’t failed to deliver when it comes to loungewear. I own a set of theirs, but, alas, it is sold out. We were able to find the perfect Nasty Gal spring set for your sleeping and lounging needs instead. This cropped/high-waist combo pops with a neutral sneaker; it’s also breathable and comfortable for these warmer spring nights in bed. 

We’re sure you’ve done some online shopping in quarantine. Drop the sleepwear you’ve been obsessed with recently in the comments! If you’re tired of online shopping and need a good read, check out our recent blog on the latest in plus fashion

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