Let’s Talk Summer Skin Prep

There’s no denying it—summer 2020 has officially arrived. If it wasn’t the solstice, my overly-dewy skin and frizz-laden hair mark the beginning of this season like nothing else.

MUAs and MUEs throughout the Northern Hemisphere are gearing up for the year’s most challenging season. I mean, what  point is there to spending hours slaying a look if it only melts off the skin after a half-hour under summer’s scalding sun? 

You can’t change the weather. But you can prepare your canvas to hold the artistry that is your summer slay. Let’s talk summer skin prep!

Ole Henriksen: Transforming Walnut Scrub

Ole Henrikson Scrub

After I’ve cleansed with a skincare staple of mine, Ole Henriksen’s Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser, I exfoliate. The idea with exfoliating before applying makeup is to eliminate dead skin and debris that will create texture underneath. 

Since I’ve already fallen in love with an exfoliant from that same Balance line, I wanted to give this scrub a try. I was not disappointed! It is the perfect skin prep for smooth foundation. With its fine walnut powder formula, this scrub gets rid of debris and draws impurities from the pores. 

That being said, I do prefer the former product. Each end result is exactly what I’m looking for in an exfoliant. But, I prefer the larger volcanic sand beads that provide a sort of facial massage, and the peppermint formula’s cooling properties. 

Ole Henriksen: Truth Serum

Ole Henrikson Serum_Eye Cream

One downside to even the best of exfoliants is their skin-drying properties. The process of cleansing your pores, sadly, does strip away some important oils that naturally hydrate the skin. 

Ole Henriksen’s signature vitamin C oil, Truth Serum, gives that moisture right back! 

You’d hardly know it’s an oil (unless you apply too much…a pea-sized pump is plenty). I’ve tried similar pore-clogging products that never truly absorb into the skin. This formula of vitamin C and collagen effortlessly melts into your pores, leaving a firm and bright complexion in its wake. It’s the perfect summer serum—I get brightening and smoothing effects, without excess oil. 

I also sing the praises of their eye cream from the same line. If you’re sick of concealer sliding all over the place, Banana Bright has got the dreaded under-eyes covered. 

Jack Black: Double-Duty Face Moisturizer 

Jack Black SPF Moisturizer

I can not stress this enough; use an SPF moisturizer if you’re going to prep with vitamin C formulas. Vitamin C encourages the growth of new skin cells among its other great properties, and you’ll want UV protection for that new growth. Plus, SPF moisturizers help combat aging caused by the sun. My absolute favorite SPF option is Jack Black. 

After much trial and error, their Double-Duty Face Moisturizer with SPF 20 was a clear win. I had tried others that leave my skin quite oily. Another common issue I’d found in this type of product is that, much like regular sunscreen, the formula doesn’t melt into your skin and leaves an uncomfortable residue. 

This moisturizer does absorb and leave your skin feeling fresh. It does take more lathering in than a regular moisturizer, but it works! 

This foursome of always gets me a solid day out of my warm-weather makeup. Let us know your favorite summer skin prep—you just might see your suggestion on WITW! 

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