The Best of the Best: A WITW Nashville Travel Guide

Last month, my family and I took a trip to Nashville to celebrate my brother’s 21st birthday. My dad had visited in years prior for a business trip, and, knowing how much of a music guy my brother was, immediately decided that Nashville would be the perfect place to ring in such a monumental occasion. We left the two non-21-year-old siblings at home, making it just my parents, brother, and myself, and embarked on a four-day trip to Music City…

A trip that met all of our expectations and more!

Where we stayed:

We stayed in the Hilton Garden Inn which was only a few blocks away from where all the action was on Broadway. It was actually better, at least for us, to escape all of the hustle and bustle as the night went on instead of staying somewhere at the center of Nashville’s craziness. 

Best barbecue: 

Across from our hotel was this garage-looking, cafeteria-style barbecue place called Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint. It has a super casual atmosphere with a combination of picnic benches and high-top tables throughout the entire venue. If you aren’t in that neck of the woods, don’t fear! There is another Martin’s in Nashville, and additional locations throughout Kentucky, Alabama, and South Carolina. 

If even those spots are a drive, it’s worth it. Their spare ribs are DELICIOUS. 

Best lunch spot:

Being the tourists we were, we had to get the full cowpoke experience…an experience we happened upon right off of Broadway: Tequila Cowboy. We were intrigued by the live performer strumming his guitar (shoutout to Stevenson Everett!) at the front of the restaurant and wanted to sit down as soon as possible to eat. We were starving. Luckily, it wasn’t crowded and the food arrived quickly.

They also have additional locations. I recommend the tacos.

Best rooftop bar: 

A lot of today’s country artists own bars/restaurants on or near Broadway, so naturally, we had to scope them out (I know, VERY touristy of us, yet again). While each had their own vibe, making them hard to compare, we found ourselves going back to the FGL House for their rooftop bar. They have a pretty big stage for live bands to perform -what a sight that was! Aside from their stage, the rooftop layout is pretty open. 

Best shop: 

Everyone we talked to about Nashville’s local haunts told us THE shopping destination is this place called “The Gulch.” It’s where famous stores like Kittenish (owned by Jessie James Decker) and Uncommon James (owned by Kristin Cavallari) are located along with Taylor Swift’s popular wing mural.

We didn’t even realize where we were due to its understated appearance. After exploring The Gulch, we made our way to Reece Witherspoon’s boutique, Draper James, which looked like it came straight out of a Better Homes & Gardens magazine. 

However, a little down the road was another quaint boutique called White’s Mercantile, which happened to be my favorite. It had everything from Lack of Color hats to coffee table books. It’s owned by Hank Williams’ daughter, Holly Williams. 

Comment down below if you’ve ever been to Nashville, and feel free to include your favorite spots!

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