The Review Edit: Are Kylie Lip Kits Worth It?

The morning air has been nipping a bit here in New Jersey, which, ironically, warms my spooky little heart. I couldn’t be more thrilled to kiss the nightmare that has been summer ‘20 goodbye. 

And I’m going to do it with a lovely matte lippie. Or two. 

Out with summer already, let’s fall into this Review Edit on the iconic Kylie Lip Kit. Are you paying for the product—or throwing money at a pout that requires more than a topical formula?  

(Top, nude pink – Koko K; bottom, deep cherry – Hollyberry)

A Kylie Lip Kit comes with both the lippie and her corresponding liner. I currently own two Kits; my first ever set being shade Hollyberry, my second Koko K. I very much enjoy the convenience of a built-in liner match for my lipstick. Product quality aside: Kylie Cosmetics takes away my usual struggle of not only trying to compliment my skin with the right lip shade, but then searching for a liner that matches said lip. 

These two-piece Kits retail for $29. As far as luxury-brand products go, it’s not the biggest “oof” I’ve ever heard from my wallet on a lip. I have personally spent that much on a lipstick by itself. The question of the day, however, is if you should drop your own $29. 

Koko K

She’s so delicate! Koko K is nude, but make it fun. This pinky flesh tone whispers party in the most sultry of voices. I find her to be more of a summer color on me. When my skin lightens in the transition to indoor seasons, I find Koko K washes me out. 

Wearing the product 

Will I spend $29 more when I use this Kit up? Full disclosure: I’m on the fence. It’s a lovely formula, and I don’t have any real qualms with this lip. I do think the applicator component could be of higher quality for the price. 

Here’s what weakens my resolve on buying again—you can find a product of equal caliber in Sephora brand for half the price. Their shade #37, Pink Frosting, is a decent dupe of Koko K. My only complaint about the dupe is that it doesn’t hold quite like the Kylie product does. 


While this shade is rich and jolly for the holiday season, she fits for a vivid fall look (much like what you see in the feature photo, I’m wearing the lippie there). Hollyberry is the perfect splash of color to liven up a simple look. Though, when all is said and done, she can hold her own amid something more lively. A worldy tip: If wearing Hollyberry with other reds, you’ll want to make sure they have the same cool undertone. I find it clashes otherwise. 

Kylie Cosmetics is a fun brand very popular among the youths. For this reason, I think you pay more for the “lifestyle” than the product, if you will. It’s a solid matte lip kit. I get a lot of mileage out of my two, though Hollyberry has started to oxidize upon application—we are beyond expiration date with her, to be fair. I am partial to the formula and appreciate its quality. I am not partial to the price tag when there’s store brand that does the same job. 

What are some of your I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-dupes? Let us know in the comments, and be our impulsive inspiration for online shopping!

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