The Review Edit: ThirdLove

Would you be surprised if I told you that, as a millennial, I listen to my fair share of podcasts? I wouldn’t be either. And any well-known pod will have its fair share of advertisements. You also might not be surprised to learn that I’m very susceptible to these ads. I knew I’d “have” to invest after hearing rave reviews about the bastion of inclusivity in intimates, ThirdLove

So, fasten your bands and strap in for this WITW Review Edit…ThirdLove edition!

My haul:


24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra in color Twilight

Let me start by saying that every item I ordered is 2-3x too big for me—and it’s my own fault. 

ThirdLove has a very handy tool on their website that allows you to input your current go-to brand and bra size, converts that data into their own measurements, then presents you with your ideal size in their garments. They even recommend what styles of bra you’d most likely find optimum comfort wearing. Like many women of ample bosom, I’ve been burned by brands who advertise bigger sizes several times over. I ended up ignoring their sizing recommendation of a 46 C and going for my usual, a 48 DD. A word of advice: Don’t do that. 

Nonetheless, the buttery-soft material and thick, shaping band of their 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra is encouraging. Did I mention the cups are memory foam? It’s a bed for the breastbone. A mattress for the mammaries, if you will. I look forward to sizing down. 


Comfort Stretch Thong in color Twilight

ThirdLove’s Comfort Stretch Thong is the answer to chafing, riding up, and muffin tops. I used to think a thicker waistband solves those problems. Rather, the cut of this piece adheres to the natural shape of your body. The former option squishes things unnaturally and grows increasingly uncomfortable as the day goes on. I sized up to 1X as opposed to my typical XL in underwear. Their 1X is just a tad looser than I would prefer, so I will be sizing down to my regular size with the next order. 

The material? To die for! It matches that bra’s buttery texture. Speaking of bras…


I wanted to start with the buildable basics before expanding my ThirdLove collection. Their 24/7 Pima Cotton T-Shirt Bra is the best of simplicity and style with that adorable keyhole detail between its cups. I chose the color Ballet, and I’m living for that pale pink moment! I didn’t even touch on the best part yet: she’s a convertible. You can wear it in classic style, or fasten the straps for racerback. It’s the perfect pick-me-up (pun intended) for a bit of lift with lower-cut tops. 


Also pictured is the matching thong. The tried-and-true Pima Cotton Thong is a perfect pairing with the aforementioned bra. It is seamless and simple for a smooth look under bottoms that hug. They are also in that lovely soft pink, Ballet. The breathability of this thong’s cotton fabric is a big plus as we enter the sweaty summer months. 

My buying experience:

Even in these crazy times, my order was processed same-day. I received all pieces together within 5 days; whether this is a flook or a testament to the company, I’m not certain. We’ll see with my next order! A huge selling point for me: you can return the items for another size! I will certainly be doing just that, so stay tuned for part 2 of this Review Edit. 

Final thoughts:

Though nothing fit, I am still jazzed about this brand. On top of having any size you could imagine, large to small, they have half-cup sizes. You heard me correctly. If you’ve never felt the perfect fit in mass-market sizes, try out a half-size cup and see if that does the trick. I also love the convenience of their size conversion tool. 

We’d love to hear about your favorite brands for our next Review Edit on intimates! Share your thoughts on ThirdLove and your other brand-favorites down below, or get in touch at

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