Trends You Should Know: Editorial Makeup

One of the reasons I find makeup so delightful is because there are limitless applications for the craft.

From sfx makeup to simply complimenting your features, many creatives find their niche somewhere under the “cosmetics” umbrella. I’ve become too comfortable introducing bold colors to more traditional looks. If you’ve fallen into a bit of creative rut like I have, there’s an abundance of inspo to be found under Instagram’s #editorialmakeup

Editorial makeup is perhaps my favorite trending cosmetic style since the IG brow. Who doesn’t love turning any beauty standard on its head? We’re getting a little crazy with this craze, but I’m here for the latest edition of trends you should know—editorial makeup. 

What makes a look “editorial?”

If you follow shows during fashion month, you’ve seen an editorial makeup look. There’s no one defining feature that hallmarks this style (and that’s why I love it!). Editorial makeup takes traditional components and stretches them to absurdity, in the most artful way possible. 

I do love makeup. That being said, the culture surrounding it can be judgemental and exclusionary. These creative looks give anyone the freedom to express themselves on the face as a neutral canvas. You don’t have to concern yourself with snatched cheeks or flawless brows, if you don’t want to. Why don’t I stop talking about it and show you?

Wear in the world can I find editorial MUAs?

Instagram! Coming in at a hot-second-place to YouTube, most beauty influencers of any persuasion can be found on IG. This platform is my source of news and inspiration in cosmetics. 

@nightmaring is a great motivator for me to let loose and do what I feel, rather than trying to achieve the perfection I see elsewhere. Ana is a lovely combo of ASMR and makeup. Try out her short tutorials for some decompression and encouragement—all wrapped up into one seconds-long package. 

@anominalia creates aesthetic moods of all kinds. Between jewelry and the gems that are those editorial makeup looks, this account is the place to visit for a break from the same-old.  Juliana Horner also happens to be the artist behind ClaroPsyche, a cult-favorite indie brand. I’m very much looking forward to the drop of Sketch Paint in September. 

@potjomkinamakeup was my first taste of editorial. The looks on this account speak to my little punk/alternative heart. You’ll find extreme looks, along with colorful and crisply-executed “traditional” makeup from a quick browse. There is lots of great horror or halloween inspo here. 

Maybe I’ll be brave enough to share my own editorial look some day! For the time being, leave your go-to products for these more artful looks in the comments. 

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