Trends You Should Know: Tie-Dye

It’s no secret we’re all looking for things to do in lockdown. Some of us are taking up running or learning a new language, while others may find themselves doing more puzzles than they ever have before. When times get tough (and boring), our creativity comes out. And as we enter a new month in quarantine, it’s time to kick our imaginations into an all-time high gear.

Our current favorite quarantivity is one that’s transforming your dullest tee into a spring wardrobe staple. Naturally, it’s WITW’s latest trend you should know. Have you tied it all together yet?

Yup, it’s TIE-DYE!

Tie-dye has been a major trend the past few spring/summer seasons, and it’s clearly here to stay. Want the look? Keep scrolling to find some of our favorite tie-dye brands. For those of you with scissors in hand, DIY haircut tutorial ready, who are about to snip: Put the scissors down. Instead, peruse our Amazon tie-dye kit finds for that “big change” fix. You’ll thank us later.


1. Dannijo

Founded by two very stylish sisters, Danielle Snyder and Jodie Snyder-Morel (get it—Danni for Danielle and Jo for Jodie?!), Dannijo sparked from a fabulously fiery passion for jewelry making. That passion later grew into “a stalwart of the New York Fashion landscape.” They never lost touch with their roots, offering jewelry; iPhone cases; hair accessories; slip dresses; and a beautiful new collection of tie-dye pieces. This brand has something for everyone.


This UK-based brand is a tie-dye lover’s dream come true. Similar to Dannijo, BIKIND has everything from sweatshirts to jewelry. There are even sarongs for a colorful day at the beach—or that walk to the chaise lounge in your backyard. If you’re looking for a specific colorway, have no fear. BIKIND has you covered. Added bonus: they ship internationally!


1. Tulip’s 1-Step Tie-Dying Kit ($19)

If you’re going all Edward Scissorhands as discussed earlier, we reiterate. Put the scissors down. Then, order yourself a trusty Tulip kit on Amazon. This one is a fan-favorite because of its vast color selection for less than $20. A major win for both your wallet and wardrobe!

2. S.E.I Tumble Dye’s Multicolor Spray Kit ($11)

Four words: Less. Of. A. Mess. This spray kit saves both water and time on clean-up. It’s as simple as that.

We’d love to see some of your favorite tie-dye finds or DIYS, so feel free to snap a picture and share on Instagram tagging @wearintheworldblog.

Happy tie-dying!

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