WITW’s Top 5 Skincare Picks for All Skin Types

If you’ve ever watched a basic “GRWM” or “Go to Bed With Me” video on YouTube or IGTV, you might’ve noticed that celebrities and influencers alike tend to have quite elaborate daily skincare routines. And while that works for some, others might not benefit from a 12-step regime as it has adverse effects on their skin (AHEM, me!). Regardless of the complexity of your routine, here are WITW’s top 5 skincare picks for every skin type broken down into three categories: cleansers, moisturizers, and serums.

*BONUS: They are all extremely affordable!

Category A: Cleansers

1. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Gel Cleanser  ($15)

Let me tell you, this stuff SAVED. MY. SKIN. About a year ago I went through a pretty infuriating bout of adult acne that left me feeling extremely self-conscious and, quite frankly, angry. I wondered why my skin was throwing up on me – in my early twenties – even though I had NO problems throughout my tween/teen years. I ended up seeing three different dermatologists who prescribed various oral medications and topical ointments. Nothing worked. However, once I switched to La-Roche Posay’s Effacler Purifying Gel Cleanser, I saw significant improvements after just one week of use. It was a godsend.

2. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18)

If you’re looking for something that feels amazing on the skin and smells utterly divine, check out Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser. Although I don’t find this to take off my makeup completely (I suggest using Garnier’s Micellar Water or Bioderma Sensibo H20 Micellar Cleansing Water before applying the Milky Jelly Cleanser for a guaranteed clean), it still feels like you’re indulging in a luxury product without actually breaking the bank.

Category B: Moisturizers

1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream ($19-$24)

After discovering my skin’s new sensitivities, I decided to switch to a water-based moisturizer to avoid acne flare-ups at all costs. My dermatologist told me Neutrogena is always a safe bet for acne-prone skin, so I gave their Hydro Boost Gel-Cream a go and I’m obsessed. I’ve probably gone through about 10 containers in the last year, no joke. It soothes and moisturizes my skin without clogging my pores because it’s water-based and non-comedogenic. Yes, please.

2. Weleda Skin Food ($12-$17)

Both Into the Gloss and Poosh-approved, Weleda Skin Food is the PERFECT moisturizer if you’re looking for something ultra-thick. It’s also all-natural, which is a major plus for all those clean beauty junkies out there. Another bonus is you can apply it everywhere – not just your face. Many are even comparing it to La Mer’s Moisturizing Cream (a $335 product!). Amazing!

Category C: Serums

1. Glossier Super Bounce ($28)

Okay, I know this is a little more expensive compared to the other products I’ve mentioned, but trust me – it’s worth it. Glossier markets this as a hyaluronic acid + vitamin B serum, or “heavyweight hydration” with a “featherweight feel.” And they’re absolutely right. It feels like you’re essentially applying water to your face with completely supple results. It contains 30mLs/1oz of product, which isn’t terrible in terms of bottle size. I have yet to find a serum comparable in quality and price.

Let us know what your skincare favorites are in the comments below!

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